19th & 20th JUNE 2019
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Paul McGrath
Don’t Make Me Wait: Why Web Performance Is Critical for Product Success

Web performance can make or break your product. Users now expect features to be fast, yet are constantly waiting for apps to download, bootstrap, or finish rendering.

Under-prioritising web performance, then, sets us up for early failure, unless we consider it as a guiding principle that we fold into both our design and development work-streams.

At Dell EMC, the Live Optics group have been building data analysis services since 2009. Recently we began to build the future foundations of our growing platform, led by this insight.

Blending thoughts on design, user experience, ethics, inclusivity, and engineering, I will speak about how (and why) you should deliver lightning-fast web performance, using a range of immediately actionable strategies and technologies.

Through examples like Gatsby and Svelte, I examine the web’s modern landscape, its constraints, and the trade-offs we must make to achieve our goals.

Attendees will come away with a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities of this area, as well as a more informed answer to the question: “why is this still loading?”.

Paul McGrath

Lead front-end engineer at Dell EMC

I lead front-end engineering as part of the Live Optics group at Dell EMC. I’ve been building websites for 14 years, and still love the web with all its quirks.

At work I build data visualisation components for workload profiling, and microservices for data parsing and analysis.

I’m hugely passionate about solving user-focused problems and my main areas of interest are user experience, web performance, and distributed computing.

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