19th & 20th JUNE 2019
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Mateo Burillo
CI/CD/CS - Continuous security in Kubernetes

Continuous Delivery helps to keep your software and Docker images updated and deploy new versions in production easily. Microservices are great reducing the attack vector and limiting the privileges or credentials access of each piece of your application. Containers provide an opportunity to implement better security, small, inmutable, single process and purpose. How can we implement a DevSecOps process?

In this session, we will discover real use case examples on how to make your CI/CD pipeline interact with Docker security tools and deploy Kubernetes security features. But security doesn’t stop where your deployment pipeline ends. How we can prepare for 0-days and policy violations that happen at run-time?

Mateo Burillo

Integrations Engineer at Sysdig

Integrations engineer and tech writer at Sysdig Mateo greatly enjoys tinkering with container technologies, creating homebrew lab environments, and the perpetual newbie feeling of this fast moving world of tech. He spends most of the day getting in the shoes of the user at many different levels: user interface, task automation, proper documentation and error handling, code examples, and dissecting deep technical concepts for the newcomers. All his former job positions revolve around the confluence of humans and technology, having worked as Evangelist, Project manager and pre-sales engineer.

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