19th & 20th JUNE 2019
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Garth Gilmour
The Three Horse Race - Picking a Winner Between Coroutines, Reactive Streams and Effects

When developing scalable and responsive applications it is essential to leverage the parallelism provided by the underlying platform. Modern server hardware can support dozens, hundreds or even thousands of cores, but coding directly against these is beyond the reach of the vast majority of developers.

In modern JVM languages like Kotlin three approaches are available for simplifying the addition of parallelism. The first is the concept of Coroutines, which became an official and integral part of the Kotlin language in version 1.3. The second is the idea of Reactive Streams, as implemented in projects like RxJava and Reactor and used in frameworks like Spring WebFlux. The third is the Pure-FP approach of Effect Systems, which exist at a higher level and can be implemented using any concurrency library. In Kotlin the leading Effect implementation is provided by Arrow.

This talk will illustrate the key differences between these approaches, by solving a sample problem via each of the three options. The costs and benefits of each approach will be outlined, enabling you to determine which is best for your current projects and which has the best long term suitability for your team.

Garth Gilmour

Software Consultant and Trainer at Instil

Garth Gilmour gave up full time development back in 1999 to teach and mentor full time. Since then he’s delivered well over a thousand courses and workshops to all kinds of programmers from all kinds of backgrounds. He started teaching C++ to C coders, then Java to C++ coders, then C# to Java coders and now teaches everything to everybody, but favours Kotlin when possible. Although self employed for most of this career he came to roost six years ago as ‘Head of Learning’ at Instil. He’s lost track of the number of meetups and conference’s he’s presented at. When not at the whiteboard he coaches Krav Maga, lifts heavy weights and fights nerf wars with his kids.

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