19th & 20th JUNE 2019
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Dan Ashby
Continuous Testing in Agile

Software Testing is one of the most misunderstood things within the software industry. Too many people have misconceptions about the craft, but that’s probably because it’s hard to define and describe.

Lots of people look to models for answers, but because all models are fallible, they’ve added to the problem… Take the automation pyramid as an example - Many people have formed testing strategies around the automation pyramid based on the flawed thinking that you can automate all the testing things.

So what is software testing? Where does it fit in Agile? What does “good” testing look like? And how can we fit this “good” testing within a continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment environment? How do we continuously do this testing across the SDLC?

This talk will shed light on the answers to these questions, first looking deeply into the world of software, and at its core, it’s relationship with information. Along with sharing an insight into the psychology side of software testing, with some true stories and life lessons I’ve obtained along the way.

Dan Ashby

Head of Quality Engineering at Photobox

Dan is the Head of Quality Engineering at Photobox, within London.

He has a diverse mix of experiences within the craft of testing, having worked as a tester, a coach and a leader at various companies within various software industries.

Dan is an established public speaker within the software testing and agile communities, having been conducting talks all over the world over the past 7 years. He also co-hosts the “Testing In The Pub” podcast and is the co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic, a free software testing course that runs monthly sessions in 5 cities across the UK, offering a safe environment to teach people about testing and allows more experienced people to get into mentoring.

You can hear more from Dan on his website and on twitter.

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