19th & 20th JUNE 2019
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Conor Fitzgerald
The Surprising Benefits of Exploring Other Disciplines and Industries

Typically we focus on metaphors from engineering and manufacturing and learn about the disciplines of these industries. There is so much to gain by learning about other industries such as Aviation and Health Care, and studying other disciplines. For instance, heuristics originated from behavioural economics and mind mapping was developed over centuries by philosophers and psychologists.

Having previously delivered this talk at SoftTest Dublin 2018 and TestBash Brighton 2019, an updated version of this talk will focus on my journey of being transformed from a regimented confirmation tester to a context-based exploratory tester. These changes occurred by the challenges faced by testing software in different industries and more importantly studying non-engineering discipline.


  • The relationship between Culture and Quality
  • The majority of Innovations in Testing Approaches and Techniques have come from other Disciplines and Industries
  • The importance of Exploring in Software Testing

Conor Fitzgerald

Software Tester at Poppulo

Conor Fitzgerald is a Software Tester with over 10 years experience. He is passionate about working with teams on quality improvements and continuously developing as a tester. Currently working with Poppulo in Cork, Ireland, where he has begun to explore the role of Test Coaching. Co-founder of the Ministry of Testing Cork. Occasionally blogs at conorfi.com. Previous test positions included Test Consultant, Test Lead and SDET. These positions were held in a wide variety of industries from embedded systems to financial systems with companies ranging from startups to large multinationals such as Intel.

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