19th & 20th JUNE 2019
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Christoper Paton
Build and Deploy Rapidly with Serverless

Serverless technology is relatively new and arguably began with the advent of AWS Lambda in 2015. Since then, serverless has become a hot buzzword which has been as greatly misunderstood as DevOps or container technology. This talk aims to demystify serverless concepts and illustrate the many benefits of embracing it. We will talk about common scenarios where serverless is beneficial and where it is not.

We will see a real-world demonstration application built on AWS technology (Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, S3, CloudFormation and more) using .NET Core and the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). We will also discuss tools and techniques that can help you get started building serverless applications.

You will learn/experience:

  • What serverless is.
  • A real-world demo of what serverless can do.
  • The impact serverless can have on the development lifecycle.
  • How serverless technology can be used.
  • How to get started with serverless development.
  • Useful tools that can help you on your journey.

Christoper Paton

Web Developer at Johnson Controls

Hey, my name is Chris Paton and I’m a Cork native (I grew up in Currabinny, near Carrigaline) and work at Johnson Controls as a Web Developer. I’ve been working professionally as a developer since 2012. I primarily code in C# and JavaScript and I’m an AWS Solutions Architect Associate. My main passion in technology is anything and everything serverless - I host the Serverless Framework Meetup here in Cork. I’m a dog person, not a cat person (allergies) and love gaming, primarily on my PS4. Find me on Twitter or Medium: @PatonCrispy.

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