Workshop: “Becoming a successful change leader”

February 7, 23

RebelCon 2023

Becoming a successful change leader


How can you be an effective leader when the horizon is uncertain? In this workshop, we’ll explore how to be more intentional when leading and managing through change. You’ll get to know practical, tried tools and techniques to help you and your teams succeed in driving and responding to change. We’ll examine how to react to change and support your teams, and how you as an individual can be a change leader.


What will you learn?

  • How to become a confident change leader for your teams in times of change
  • Strategies for driving change effectively in your organisation and becoming an enabler for your team
  • The tools to help your teams thrive and succeed in times of high change
  • Communication and alignment techniques to ensure your message is heard clearly and understood
  • How to manage team and organisational dynamics that occur in periods of uncertainty


Workshop Host:

Lena Reinhard is a transformational executive and leadership coach and helps organisations perform and scale optimally with her consulting and advisory work. She has dedicated her career to building successful, high-performing globally distributed engineering organisations, and thriving teams in times of high change like hypergrowth. Previously, Lena served as VP Engineering with CircleCI and Travis CI, as well as a startup co-founder & CEO. Through her cross-functional background and experience, she brings a unique perspective on systems of technology, business, and people.


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DC @donal_cahalane

Cork folk. Go and take a long look at the awesome activity around the #RebelCon19 hashtag and be infinitely proud of your city for producing an absolutely amazing event. Software is the future of every business and today some great great software people are at @RebelConf

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Now in its third year, RebelCon just keeps getting better! Delighted to have been given the opportunity to speak this year, and very excited for RebelCon 4.

szlwzl‏ @szlwzl

This is a wonderful event, full of interesting people telling interesting stories. If you get the opportunity to attend #rebelcon2020 then you should *definitely* get it sorted. I’ll see you there!

Eddie Kenny‏ @eddiekenny9 Jun 20

Major kudos to @RebelConf for closing out the conference with a panel discussion on the extremely important topic of mental health

in tech industry

Siobhán Murray‏ @Twistingthejar

Amazing conversations at @RebelConf 3rd summit in cork ‘Debugging your Brain’ ending a jam packed 2 days! #mentahealthintech #theburnoutsolution #support

Mags‏ @3weststreet Jun 21

Thank you for hosting a wonderful conference and to everyone involved for sharing their experience and wisdom. @RebelConf

Sabine Wojcieszak‏ @SabineBendixen

What an amazing day at #rebelcon2019 ! Thanks to all organizers for that great experience! Hope to see you again in 2020! @RebelConf