Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd June 2018
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Tristan O'Gorman
Frenemies: Strategies for UX and Product Management Alignment

Product Management and UX ought to have shared goals, right? Both disciplines essentially seek to build software to help customers drive business outcomes. The reality is, however, that alignment between both roles is not always complete, especially in the white heat of agile development. This can happen for various reasons and this talk will identify the major problems that can cause misalignment and strategies for dealing with them as they arise or to help avoid them entirely. Learn lessons from the trenches of IBM’s reinvention to a design-oriented, cloud and cognitive solution company.

Tristan O'Gorman

Product Architect at IBM

Tristan O’Gorman is a product architect with IBM Watson IoT, where he designs Internet of Things solutions. Tristan is a graduate of National University of Ireland, Galway and has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, specialising in applied data science and analytics. As well as helping IBM build great IoT solutions, Tristan is focused on how product management and UX can work better together to deliver business outcomes for their clients.

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