Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd June 2018
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Eric Thiebaut-George
Smart buildings and smart cities

Is IoT a fad or is it the new tomorrow?

Smart buildings are connected buildings where distinct services such as badge scanners, temperature sensors, catering and other devices and services are all interconnected in order to enhance the value of the building, reduce cost, and offer a better working environment. Similarly, smart cities aim to fluidity traffic, reduce congestion, improve energy efficiency,… in order to provide a superior living environment.

Long a distant futuristic and idealistic idea, smart cities and smart buildings are now becoming a reality thanks to the advent of cheap computing platforms with low energy requirements, ubiquitous Internet, cheap storage and machine learning/data analytics.

This talk will explain the history behind smart cities and buildings, the technologies available today, and where we are going tomorrow.

Eric Thiebaut-George

Solution Architect at Johnson Controls

Eric is in the top tier of European IT specialists and is a highly respected innovator and technology solutions promoter, with 20+ years of blue chip ICT experience.

He has built managed and lead R&D teams in several countries on several continents. As a leader, he builds high performing teams with a focus on trust and accountability and always works very closely with Talent Acquisition to ensure that candidates are a perfect fit both technically and on a personal level, and never settles for second-best.

Highly adaptable, in both technical and people management roles Eric has worked for both start-ups and multinationals. His experience includes driving the sale of start-ups to large corporations, and designing technical integrations of products during multi-year integration processes.

He is a great communicator who is often asked to present at large conferences and to close deals. Over the years, he has honed his customer listening skills to gather requirements and transfer these into a technical solution designed to delight them.

Great companies have great leaders and management and he clearly excels in this area. However, at his core he is an architect and hands-on coder and keeps himself at the core of daily technical tasks. He leads R&D staff on a technical level as well as on a people-management level, thus ensuring that the team produces products and solutions that are both well architected and highly polished.

Eric is also an IP specialist and has worked on patents for multiple corporations, and has been granted numerous patents himself. He has also helped junior inventors go through the patent application process.

Previously CTO at Carma Technology, Eric joined Johnson Controls in 2017 as a Solution Architect for JCI’s Connected Converged Security solution.

Eric’s responsibility is to lead product architecture in the creation of transforming solutions for enterprise security, involving integration, machine learning, complex event processing, presentation, security intelligence, and administration.

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