Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd June 2018
The Clayton Hotel, Cork City

Alison O'Shea
Artificial Intelligence for Analysis of Medical Data from Newborn Infants

The volume of medical data being collected is continuously increasing as technology improves while the time and expertise required to analyse it is consistently scarce. Globally there is a critical shortage of radiologists to analyse scans and neurophysiologists to analyse EEG (brain-waves). At the INFANT research centre in University College Cork we are using artificial intelligence to develop tools which can analyse medical signals and scans to identify and quantify anomalies. These systems are proposed as decision-support tools to assist human experts in analysing the vast volumes of data produced.

This talk will give an overview of the motivation to develop such tools and the artificial intelligence technology behind them. Two specific applications and their solutions will be described: detection of lesions in brain MRI of newborn infants and identification of seizure patterns in neonatal brain-wave data.

Alison O'Shea

PhD student, INFANT Research Centre, UCC

Alison is a PhD candidate with the INFANT Research Centre. The centre is tri-located, between Cork University Maternity Hospital, Cork University Hospital and University College Cork. Working from the School of Engineering, her research is focused on seizure detection in newborn infants through the analysis of brain signals via EEG monitoring. Alison aims to utilise deep learning for the interpretation of these complex physiological signals, and to design decision support algorithms for clinical use.

Alison has a keen interest in scientific communication. In recent months she has featured in the Irish Times health supplement; on the Level Up Human live podcast; and contributes to the Cork Artificial Intelligence meet-up group to share ideas and best practice. She is a graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in UCC, and she also holds a Masters degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

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